Cellulose products Inspection

Cellulose products Inspection

In order to achieve its long-term goals, Inspection Company has been expanding its domain of inspection in all around the world such as China , Korea , Indonesia , Malaysia , Bangladesh , Austria and others. offering their professional inspection services  of cellulose goods, including type of papers, cardboard, pulp of papers, tissue of paper , etc.

The company, by recruiting experienced experts in the field of cellulosic inspection of all sources, doing testing according  all the requirements of the National Iranian Standards Organization and issues a certificate of pre-inspection inspection, post-shipment inspection, a certificate of conformity of the goods (COI ) at the origin or Destination, testing and testing of all cellulose products, monitoring the performance of the test, reviewing the documents, assessing the quality and nature of the markings, monitoring the loading of the container.



• Quality and quantity control

• Pre-shipment Inspection

• Sampling

• Inspection at load port and issuance of COI

• Cargo damage survey


The main commodities for inspection:

• Type of papers

• Cardboard

• Pulp of papers

• Tissue of papers